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Positioning yourself for success is one of the most important factors of all.  This is why at the very beginning you have to create a strong foundation, similar to the foundation of a building or a mounting to be so big–huge with a lot of weight supported by its foundation, so small but strong in density.  That is what we need to be, that foundation for everything that we will encounter in our life time.  Challenges and obstacles that you may never foresee which is precisely why you need to build your foundation (you) so strong that there is no storm that can blow you away.  Empower yourself with every possible tools out there.  Allow the UNIVERSE to be your teacher, remember what makes us unique, is the ability to COPY.  The challenges and obstacles can be considered negative when in fact the negative is a force for all things to move forward, although at times it can be perceived as a positive plus depending on one’s position.  As an example:  Let’s say you lost your job, most people would think that would be an unfortunate situation.  However, does it have to be? No, it all depends on how you view things.  For some it might be the perfect opportunity to seek something better that pays more with the experience that you have obtained from your previous job.  The idea is to take action–in a positive way of thinking despite if the future appeared to be bleak.   To be continued…..

If this is of interest to you and you would like this topic to continue post your comments or questions and I will try my best to answer them all.

Keep it positive always,

Mikado J. Mathurin



Relative thinking

This particular topic is about how to put your life in perspective for financial growth.  Let’s begin with the idea that your thinking determines who you are (in general) and also your financial future.  Therefore we can acknowledge that everything begins with “thinking” the process of acquiring and processing information.  The operation of the brain and if the right information are inserted the more likely your life will be well balance.  We can now reasonably say that knowledge is one of the elements to success.  The more knowledgeable you are about a particular topic or subject the stronger your position will be across the board.  This is why it is very important to go to school and to develop your way of thinking, because we can conclude that knowledge is the key.  However, having knowledge or being well educated doesn’t necessarily add up to financial success.  It is more about how to position your-self after obtaining such knowledge.  And perhaps this is probably the most complicate aspect to comprehend because it may require a degree of bravery, to take a chance on something that is not feasible to the average eye intuitively.  So, is it really about knowledge or the ability to envision the future a “risk taker” being brave and not allowing fear to get the best out of you?  I would say a combination of both will definitely add up to a great financial future, as follows:
How do I become financially successful?

  1. You will need to evaluate yourself—this will allow you to see why you are in the position that you are in today.
  2. Is to find something you love or you’re passionate about—this can be a product or a service that you would like to provide.
  3. Is to surround yourself with people who are successful—particularly in the business that you like.
  4. Is to study what they do and learn the blue print to success.
  5. The life that we live in today there are so many different platforms, although the terrain is the same.  There is a lot you will not be able to see if you didn’t obtain the knowledge, even though success is always right in front of you.  It is almost like a switch in your mind, a decision you would have to make—like a stand between poor or rich!
  6. The old saying is true, show me your friends and I’ll know who you are.
  7. Building wealth is relative to your thinking or frame of reference and there are four important factors to this:

    1. Above all is to get a financial education—on how to make money work for you vs. you working for the money.
    2. Building Relationships (People you know or people who knows of you only by name (name branding)
    3. Residual Income/Loyalties (Getting pay for something you did once on a continuous basis)
    4. Duplication of Your Time. (Empowering others to do what you do)

Once again, it’s all about your thinking from the very beginning—it has to do with your parents, friends, the area you live, and you allowing people to dictate what yourself worth is.

Let me demonstrate what a strong hold is, if I were to say to you, how about you making $100,000.00 to start with for the year?  Well, if you are making $25.000 for the year, this will come to you as a joke.  That is precisely the point about relative thinking and frame of reference.  The question is, if someone else can do it, why can’t you?

If this is of interest to you and you would like this topic to continue post your comments or questions and I will try my best to answer them all.
Keep it positive always,

Mikado J. Mathurin