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A Healthy Life Style

I am delighted to introduce to you some of the natural or organic products that are from Siberia — Vitamins, Supplements, Antioxidants, Skincare and etc. It is the most amazing experience when your body is beginning to work at its optimal mode and not just the in between stage.

Statistically about 60% of people around the world go about their regular activities without feeling all that well. However, this is something that people can change very easily by preparing your body for the transition to a healthy life style.

As you may know with the changing environment polluted air, water, and etc. There’s also genetically modified organism (GMO) products that’s inclining to a higher percentage.

It is now more than ever necessary for you to choose a healthy life style.

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The Curse

In a mirror it is,

Deeply ingrained,

For centuries it has been,

How can this mirror be broken?


By Mikado J. Mathurin

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Your Voice

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A C K F A S T. C O M

Looking for Love

This poem came about after having a meeting in Manhattan with a company that wanted to use our marketing services.  But, the offer wasn’t satisfactory and subsequently in my mind I was thinking did I just waste my time but, you know that’s part of the business.  And then about one block away I went into a café for coffee (just a small cup) usually I would have it black no sugar no milk but, in this occasion I made it sweet with no milk — And on my way home going in and out of traffic these lines came to me…


I’m looking for love

I mean, I’m looking for love,

Not the infatuation you know.

I mean, I’m looking for love.  The kind,

That when you see me you smile,

The feelings that you cannot explain,

 I mean, I’m looking for love.

  How can I find this love? This love,

 The one, that we can hold hands and look at the stars.

  I mean, I’m looking for love,

The one that we would fight for everyday,

  I mean, I’m looking for love,

The one that we would budget for

 To keep the fire burning

I mean, I’m looking for love,

The one that I can be the eagle in the sky without any doubts of my return,

Do you understand what I mean?

Do you really!

The love that has neither a face nor a religion,

 For I know you will protect me with my eyes closed.

I am talking about the love that we can communicate,

Yes, the one that we can share our dreams,

And everything else,

The platform that no one else can reach

The joy people wish that they could have

The comfort that exist,

The love that it’s your birthday every day,

The one that it’s your valentine every day,

The kind that we cherish with a hug,

The love that we punctuate with a kiss,

So I wait, to find this love.


By Mikado J. Mathurin


I wrote this poem after stumbling into a website of naked women that felt the need to expose their body—to say to the world that it is okay for your body to be the way it is and still be beautiful.


That is indeed a gratifying moment

 Of sheer innocence of time

Illustrated by the photographer

  If only the world can be naked

   How beautiful would it be

   All of the skeletons would run out of the closet

  How true  How true

  We would have a world that glorified truth

 Instead of deceptions

 That all started when we decided to put on clothes

Hiding away our eternal gift

To be comfortable in your own skin

To love and to be loved


By Mikado J Mathurin